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Time Line

2012 - growth of the company

What else can we do ?

2011 - development of activities

Diversify !

2010 - go on in the world !

Expand horizons.

2009 - congresses

The talks, exchange of experiences, analysis

2008 - Integration

Eureka ! Integration !

2007 - apps

How convenient...

2004 - experience

Our business instructors !

2002 - beginnings

Pursuing our passion - web applications

how it was with us ?

At first it was passion, hobby, fascination with the possibilities created by the Internet. In 2002, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, as the children of the Internet we started to pursue our passions by creating web projects. We did not expect that the world will develop so much in that direction and that the demand web applications will be so huge !

We were gaining the experience in the IT field, but we were missing the experience in business and processes. With the first business partners that agreed to cooperate with us, we obtained sound knowledge of business and the cooperation is continuing till today.

In 2007, the smartphones conquered the world. iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung every company had them in its offer, and we complemented our scope of activities with the applications developed for those devices in order to use 100 percent of their capabilities. Such software created opportunities to access advanced features not available in ordinary computers (GPS, camera, etc. ..)

At the beginning of 2008, we made the discovery: great apps appeared on the market to support narrow ranges of people’s work. Unfortunately, those apps did not communicate with other applications. We directed our activities into this field - from that moment even communication between the employees ID reader and the distributor of beverages was possible.

Our ideas must be realistic - for this reason, since 2008 we have actively participated in major industry conferences.

The year 2010 was a year of travel. Another approach to the same problem was very creative - demand for our services abroad allowed us to expand horizons, gain new knowledge and new contacts. We developed and implemented software, among others, in Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, France, Denmark.

With the development of business we are developing our company - looking for new employees, investing in the training of current ones and using applications that support software development and project management.

Ciągle dywersyfikujemy nasze działania, tak aby oferować naszym klientom pełne spektrum usług, a naszą ofertę uzupełniamy zgodnie z zapotrzebowaniem rynków.

Wraz z rozwojem działalności rozwijamy naszą firmą - poszukując nowych pracowników, inwestując w szkolenia obecnych oraz korzystając z aplikacji wspierających tworzenie oprogramowania oraz prowadzenia projektów.