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prodefinity ksiegowosc
prodefinity ksiegowosc

I already have the accounting system – why do I need a new one ?

Bookkeeping is not only about numbers – it also allows us to contact all our contractors: from suppliers, trough employees, to the recipients of goods and services offered by your enterprise. Efficient, quick and flawless communication is a profit for each party - Time is money !

electronic invoices from suppliers ?

It's easier than you think! The supplier logs in to his/her personal account, completes the register and sends all the documents via the website. (S)he can have a preview of the status of payments, invoicing problems and (s)he may have a list of all his/her operations. If the supplier has an accounting system - it might be worth to integrate both systems. This avoids confusion and the documents are transferred at the speed of light.

the company is located in several places ?

Imagine that all documents that must be delivered to bookkeeping by employees (such as business trip forms, travel expenses, sick leaves, etc.) are sent, via an encrypted connection through the Internet system: quickly, simply and effectively. No hassle and accumulation of work in the Accounting Department. It is also an excellent channel of communication between superiors and their employees. The exchange of information, on-line schedule, cost control are just some of the potential uses of an intranet system. Read more in the "HR Department"