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prodefinity doradztwo
prodefinity doradztwo

Help and support

If you want to implement any system (eg ERP, TMS, CRM, etc.,) in your company, but you do not think you have the sufficient knowledge, experience and capabilities, and at the same time you do not want to rely only on what the seller tells you, you can call us:

  • We will help to define your needs
  • We will create a list of essential functionalities together
  • We will create a project specification
  • We will translate yours needs into IT terminology
  • We will make sure you don’t invest in excessive modules
  • We will support you during the entire implementation process
  • We will be present during the launch of the new system
  • We will design the acceptance protocol
  • We can support you in finding suppliers
  • We can help with the negotiations of agreement conditions
  • We will do our best to help you choose the best offer

What we differ us from the software’s vendor ?

We have the same goal as you: to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs of implementation. In contrast to the system provider, the purpose of which is: to maximize profits and minimize work. In other words, while implementing the system we become a member of your team !

more information on this site: www.e-patron.pl