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Customer Relationship Management

Gone are the days when all contacts with customers were recorded in notebooks or salesperson’s memory only. Today, the information is valuable that is why the customer relationship management systems have been gaining great popularity in recent years. Their advantage is that every customer is recorded in the system. The information remains in the company even after the departure of the salesperson All eligible employees have access to the information, which means that each of them can rely not only on their own experiences with the customer but also on the experience of his/her colleagues.

Is CRM only the meeting notes ?

Of course not! The system of this class covers all aspects of customer contact. The amount and type of modules implemented depends on company specifics. Popular features include:

  • salespersons work schedule,
  • messages and reminders,
  • pricing decisions,
  • contractors blacklist,
  • full customer information (address, contact, assessment of previous cooperation),
  • full details of contact persons (contact details, hobbies, interests),
  • history of contacts,
  • sales indexes,
  • defining sales targets.
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