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Debt collection

Debt Collection System

The Prodefinity Debt Collection System is the software designed to support debt collection, monitoring late payments and communicate with debtors, debt collection agencies, and courts.

We offer software designed to monitor:



Thanks to its modular design, the Debt Collection System is well suited to large corporations, in which the requirements are very complex, as well as for small businesses, where there is a need for basic functionalities in order to provide efficient work. The companies often have their own processes developed and tested and they do not want to give them up when purchasing the software. The Debt Collection System is designed to be configured individually for each customer. Therefore, the migration of best practices will not be a problem.

The application is supported by any web browser. It is a very convenient solution because it gives you the ability to work from anywhere (not just from the computer on which the software is installed). You do not even need a computer. In emergency situations, you can simply use a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) to connect to the system.

Software functionality

The main task of the system is to carry out efficient debt collection processes. Processes can be divided into two main groups. The first are those that are carried out according to specific scenarios (rules). These are precisely defined actions, their duration, order, etc. The second group of cases are the procedures carried out individually. Then, it is the debt collector who decides what action to take and at what time.

The software is equipped with the Reminding Module. This simplifies the user’s work and prevents situations in which part of the process is omitted. Every logged employee gets the information on what actions to perform on a given day.

The system allows to conduct the process of internal (own) debt recovery and to monitor the debt recovery process transferred to external companies or to the courts. Every action is recorded and you can always check the history of the case. You can check the progress of the whole process, the telephones, meetings, notes, documents, etc. chronologically.

An important issue is the exchange of information between all the systems in the company. Therefore, the Debt Collection software has been equipped with interfaces for easy integration with almost any office software. Thanks to the exchange of data, other departments in the company have access to information on the reliability of the contractor and on this basis can make a decision about a possible further cooperation. It is also possible to go further, i.e. to block selected transactions with unreliable contractors (Blocking Module).

Using its knowledge base, the Debt Collection System suggests in advance that the contractor may soon be added to the "black list" and in this way the unnecessary risks can be avoided.

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