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Dedicated systems

prodefinity doradztwo
prodefinity doradztwo

Dedicated systems

We offer dedicated solutions in situations where no off-the-shelf product is able to meet the sophisticated requirements of our customers. Contrary to appearances, this happens very often, because the processes in each company are different. The specificity of each industry is also different. So there is no universal solution that can be adapted in every enterprise. Dedicated software includes large, complex IT systems, as well as mini-apps to support the daily work or solving a single problem. They are created from scratch, in close cooperation with the customer.

An illustrative example of the first group, that is, the complex systems, is the customer acquisition, pricing policy and customer relationships management included in one single system. In such a situation, a dedicated solution seems to be the best option, because at the stage of its creation we can include company-specific processes. The practices, which are not worth changing just because the solutions on the market do not support them. An additional advantage is that only the elements of a typical system that are really needed are implemented and paid for.

To illustrate the small applications mentioned, it may be a program which eliminates the bottlenecks in corporate performance. The company which has two non-integrated systems: accounting and warehouse systems, had to spend a lot of time for transferring current data from one place to another, to have a consistent data base for both systems. One small program enables to automate this and thousands of data items per day are automatically transferred in less than a second.

If you need a system tailored to your needs,

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This solution is frequently used in the following industries: manufacturing, logistics, business.