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prodefinity logistyka

IT for logistics

Logistics is one of the most dynamic industries in the economy. Numerous rules, a large number of transport options, constantly changing dynamics of the environment, vulnerability to economic turbulences, varying fuel prices, road tolls - these are all the reasons why the Logistics Department is expected to keep pace with the changes and constantly seek for new solutions. We do not want to limit the imagination of Logistics Teams by imposing fixed patterns in the system! Thanks to their flexibility, our solutions can quickly adapt to current market requirements.

Each company has its unique processes which helped it to gain its current position in the market and which made it possible to achieve a competitive advantage. We do not want to change that! Our system will adjust its functions and modules to meet your needs. We can assist you in arranging a new process, but the final decision is always taken by the customer.

Transport Platform

Transport Platform is a solution that greatly simplifies the work. A typical recipient to which such software is dedicated, is a multi-branch, large shipping company (manufacturers, exporters and logistics operators). Thanks to its modular design, the system is characterized by a high degree of customization. In most cases, the implementation of the Transport Platform does not require any investment in hardware on the customer side. The software for the company and its employees is accessible from a web browser, and mobile applications on mobile phones and portable devices.

The main functionalities of the Transport Platform are:

  • providing information to all participants of the supply chain (company, carrier, warehouse, customer, vendor, etc.)
  • detecting anomalies in the logistics process (such as a potential delay in the delivery to the customer)
  • settling the work of warehouses and carriers
  • tracking the progress of the order performance by GPS

During the system implementation the customer often aligns its own logistics processes.

Advantages of the Information Exchange System

  • easy to use
  • adjustment of the IES to business processes
  • system graphics adapted to corporate identity
  • keeping up with the dynamics of changes in the logistics industry
  • full control over the activities
  • broad communication range
  • safety