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Mobile solutions

prodefinity mobilne
prodefinity mobilne

Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions, in other words, the applications running on your mobile phone. However, even such a definition can be a delicate simplification, because nowadays mobile systems can run also on smartphones and tablets. Of course, a mobile application is not just a small program to check the weather. In industry and business they are used for complicated support and management systems, such as software to manage manufacturing processes, ERP systems, WMS and CRM and many others.

Mobile solutions provide possibilities which were never known before. They present various system functions on the phone screen. In addition, technology has created the possibility of designing completely new software modules, which previously have not existed.

Of course, these are just two examples, but also a sample of the possibilities for the usage of this technology. If we add that nowadays most mobile phones have built-in GPS, it turns out that the only limitation in the development of the mobile systems may be our imagination.

Popular mobile application development scenario is as follows:

  • A clever employee sees a need in his/her company.
  • Employee / company contacts us, describes the essence of the problem and a potential solution.
  • After some brainstorming we determine what to do and when to meet in order to verify the solution.
  • We are starting work, to present the results at the scheduled time.