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Who do we work for ?

Our team is a group of highly qualified professionals. Many entrepreneurs have entrusted their software to us. We have created and implemented computer systems of all kinds, from the systems handling the production processes, through generating financial reports to the human resources management. We have experience in a wide range of industries, starting from the unit and mass production through multimedia, telecommunication, to support of road, rail and even air transport companies.

Software Outsourcing:

  • support in IT administration,
  • the development of new and existing systems,
  • creation of new applications to support the customer’s business processes.

Hardware outsourcing:

We offer hosting services for the systems of our customers on our servers, ensuring stable operation and regular data backup.

Contact us to arrange a free meeting. Let's sit down at the table and talk together about the key issues your company faces in terms of IT. Let us know your problems, we will try to find solutions for them. See our potential for yourself and evaluate the benefits for your business our cooperation could bring.

Let's be partners, let us learn from each other. Let’s win together !

prodefinity outsourcing