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Manufacturing software systems

prodefinity hr
prodefinity hr

Scheduling, planning and settlement of production.

The application for scheduling, planning and settlement of production covers the entire production process - from customer order, production order, trough the schedule with the scheduled tasks, to the reporting and settlement.

One of the most interesting features of the program is online identification of the lead time for a given order (for example, during a phone call to Customer Service).The system is also able to determine if the performance of the order within the specified time is feasible.

The application allows you to determine the optimal lead time for new orders, taking into account the delivery times of raw materials, cost and customer needs. With advanced algorithms, both the lookup and heuristic algorithms, you can quickly determine the new work schedules for production cells.

Thanks to the implementation of specific recipes, the settlement of the production is possible in a very short time - the system gives the number of raw materials used and commercial goods manufactured.