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WMS - Warehouse Management System

prodefinity wms

What exactly does WMS mean ?

The abbreviation WMS specifies the class of software dealing with warehouse management in the enterprise. WMS means Warehouse Management System.

Software development

Our solutions in terms of warehouse management software are created based on in-depth cooperation with the customer. During the design we take into account a number of characteristics relevant to the case. There are different ways to store for example unique prefabricated products or automobile parts. There is also another way of managing the storage of Styrofoam or cement. The approach must be different in case of a storage in a single warehouse or a warehouse located in several buildings or in the open air.

That is why we like the projects related to storage technology so much. Such cooperation always helps us to develop and is a mine of information for both parties.

Integration with the Department of Logistics and Production

The integration of production and logistics is also very important. If you manufacture a detail consisting of several different products, it is ideal when the production system itself can connect to the storage system and check whether the resources are available. Thanks to this the production system can update inventory. Information in the system is consistent with the reality, and we achieve this without additional effort. Analogous behavior occurs during the interaction with the logistics department, in this case many processes can be automated or improved too.

We are ready to cooperate with all the companies that feel they need to improve their storage techniques, management of raw materials and supplies. We are open to unusual cases and products that require specific procedures for storage.