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who is part of our company ?

design division

No implementation process and no application can meet the objectives without a proper project. Our team consists of experienced specialists in various fields. Participation in various projects allowed us to build a team that does not hesitate to take on any challenges.

web applications team

For a long time, web browser applications have been very successful. Our Web applications development team is ready to create any system, running both on our servers as well as in the internal network of our customer. An important advantage of web applications is the possibility to access them from anywhere! In order to ensure the best availability, the Administrators are monitoring our servers and the entire infrastructure, 24/7 (SLA).

desktop development team

Members of this team are called by us the ‘desktopers’. This is the part of our company dedicated to designing adaptable applications - both for PCs and for mobile devices. The combination of web-based and desktop applications is an amazing solution. It combines the positive features of both approaches. Applications developed for mobile devices allow to use 100 percent of the capabilities of the device on which they are run.

Knowledge vs. experience

Without education there is no knowledge, without the knowledge, there is no education.

Most of our experts have a university degree. Our team includes both the licentiates and the PhDs - each of us made a huge effort to get an education !

However, no education can be a substitute for the real (practical) knowledge. For this reason, we place great emphasis on the development of the knowledge among our employees - from training, through participation in congresses, to participation in some projects as "a spectator". As a result, we are confident that the knowledge of our staff is up to date, practical and consistent with the needs of the market.

We attach great importance to the professionalism of our craftsmen. We would like to ensure that each customer can contact us at any time and get the support (s)he expects, no matter if the project is ongoing, terminated or canceled. We are also happy to organize our customers in clusters - through cooperation they can use their own resources more efficiently and the knowledge they decide to share with others will certainly bear fruit !